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Amazon Quiz Answers Today

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What is Amazon Quiz Contest?

Amazon Announcing Daily Quiz Contest On Its Amazon India Portal This Amazon Quiz Time Contest is Live on Amazon App Only. Amazon Quiz Question & Answers start Daily Between 8 AM to 12 PM and we Just have to Give Correct Answers to The Given 5 Questions.

It’s Totally Based On Luck & If you Selected in the Contest Then you Can Win Free Amazon Pay Balance & Free Gadgets like iPhone x, honour 8x, Canon DSLR cameras, Rs.10000 Amazon Pay Balance & many more From Amazon India.

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Amazon Quiz Time 8 AM-12 PM Daily 

Amazon Daily QuizAmazon Quiz Details
Today’s QuizAmazon Today's Quiz Win Redmi 6 Pro
Today’s PrizeWin Redmi 6 Pro
Quiz Time8 AM to 12 PM
Quiz Date 20th February 2018
Winners List Will Declare On 28th February 2019
  • Today’s Quiz – Answers And win Apple Watch
  • Today’s Prize – Win Apple Watch
  • Quiz Time – 8 AM to 12 PM
  • Quiz Date – 20th February 2019
  • Winners List Will Declare On – 28th February 2019

How To Play Amazon Quiz Time Daily? where are All amazon Quiz Answers Today?

  1. Firstly Open Amazon app or DOWNLOAD from Here.
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Amazon Quiz Answers Today

Amazon Quiz Answers Today

Amazon Quiz Answers Today

Amazon Quiz Answers Today [Apple Watch Quiz Contest Answers]  [21st Feb 2019, 8AM To 12PM]

Answer and Win Apple Watch Series 4


1. King Edward, Maris Piper and Romano are all types of which vegetable?

Answer –  Potato


2. Which of these planets does NOT have a ring around it?

Answer – Venus


3. Which highway makes up the longest road in India?

Answer  –  National highway 44


4. In India, the highest temprature ever was recorded on 19 May 2016 in Phalodi, Rajsthan. How much was this?

Answer – 51.0 Degree Celsius


5. Zoya Akhtar’s film Gully Boy recently hit the box office. Which movie was her directorial debut?

Answer –  Luck By Chance 

Amazon Quiz Answers Today (Win Redmi 6 Pro)– 20th February

These are all Amazon Quiz Answers Today 20th February All are correct answers just click on the same answers in Amazon Quiz Page to win.

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Amazon Quiz 20 February Answers Today – Win Redmi 6 Pro

Q1.: If your birthday falls between March to April, and your sun sign is depicted by a Ram, what’s your zodiac sign?

Answer: Aries

Q2.: If you are colorblind, you may not be able to see the true color of the gemstone emerald. What color is it?

Answer: Green

Q3.: ‘Square watermelons’ are watermelons grown into the shape of a cube, first developed in Japan. However, these are only ornamental and not edible.

Answer: True

Q4.: The Borlaug Award was instituted to honor Indian scientists for their research and contributions in the field of ________. Fill in the blanks.

Answer: Agriculture

Q5.: Royal, azure and prussian are shades of which color?

Answer: Blue

Amazon GoPro Hero7 Quiz Answers – 19th February

Amazon GoPro Hero7 Quiz Answers

Amazon GoPro Hero7 Quiz Answers

These are all Amazon Quiz Answers Today [Amazon GoPro Hero7 Quiz Answers – 19th February] Tick on the Same answer in Amazon Quiz Page to win.

  1. Bhaichung Bhutia is the current captain of the Indian football team.

Answer – False

  1. What is the name of the world’s largest species of spider, in terms of mass and size?

Answer – Goliath Birdeater

  1. The Ao language is spoken in which of the following States?

Answer – Nagaland

  1. The tune of Stevie Wonder’s hit song, ‘I just called to say I love you’, was adapted for the title track of which Bollywood film?

Answer – Maine Pyar Kiya

  1. Jakarta is the capital of which country?

Answer – Indonesia

Amazon Quiz Answers of 18th February – Win Rs.250000

These are all Amazon Quiz Answers Today of 18th February Click on the Same answer in Amazon Quiz Page to win.

  1. Which is the smallest state in India?

Answer – Goa

  1. If you write a letter to ‘HOH OHO, Canada’ – whose postal code would you be writing to?

Answer – Santa Clause

  1. Which of these is NOT a fire-element sign from the Zodiac?

Answer – Aquarius

  1. MS Dhoni has never scored a century in any match outside Asia.

Answer – True

  1. Photoshop, Premiere Pro and Illustrator are programs belonging to which software company?

Answer – Adobe Inc.

Amazon Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Quiz Answers – 17th February

These are all Amazon Quiz Answers Today [Amazon Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Quiz Answers – 17th February] Click on the Same answer in Amazon Quiz Page to win.

  1. What the capital city of Arunachal Pradesh?

Answer: Itanagar

  1. India is the only country to have won the 60-over, 50-over and 20 over World Cups.

Answer: True

  1. When talking about computers, what does RAM stand for?

Answer: Random Access Memory

  1. Which automobile company launched a sports car into space in February 2018

Answer: Tesla

  1. The color red enrages bulls, which is why the matadors of Spain use red capes to challenge them.

Answer: False

Amazon Bose Wireless Sleepbuds Quiz Answers – 16th February

These are all Amazon Quiz Answers Today [Amazon Bose Wireless Sleepbuds Quiz Answers – 16th February] Click on the Same answer in Amazon Quiz Page to win.

  1. Which of the following is the official language in Argentina?

Answer – Spanish

  1. We use Google Maps for everything these days. But do you know what GPS stands for?

Answer – Global Positioning System

  1. The daughter of which prominent Indian businessman recently got married to Anand Piramal?

Answer – Mukesh Ambani

  1. Which of the following colours is NOT seen in the Olympics symbol?

Answer – Orange

  1. The part in the human body referred to as the ‘funny bone’ isn’t actually a bone but a nerve called the ulnar nerve. Where is it located?
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Answer – Elbow

Amazon Quiz Answers Today 15th February – Win Rs.1000

1. Where in the human body is the femur located?

Answer –  Leg

2. Which one of these Indian movies are inspired by the biography of Japanese filmmaker Akira Kurosawa?

Answer – Taare Zameen Par

3. During the festival of Onam, people enjoy a wholesome feast known as ‘sadya’. In which Indian state is this festival celebrated?

Answer  –  Kerala

4. ‘Claque’ is ___.

Answer – a group of people hired to applaud at a performance

5. If someone mentions ‘Brogues’ what piece of fashion are they referring to?

Answer –  Shoes

Amazon Quiz Answers Today Of Philips Hue Starter Kit Quiz Answers:

These are All Amazon Quiz Answers Today Of Philips Hue Starter Kit Quiz Give the answer and win Price.

Q1: The world’s smelliest fruit is found abundantly in South East Asia. Which fruit is it?

Answer: Durian

Q2.: Which of these popular Indian models was seen in Alisha Chinoy’s ‘Made in India’ music video from her debut album?

Answer: Milind Soman

Q3.: Which of the following colours is NOT seen in the Olympics symbol?

Answer: Orange

Q4.: Which is the smallest state in India?

Answer: Goa

Q5.: A new Indian rupee note displays Hampi’s Stone Chariot. What is the denomination of this note?

Answer: Fifty Rupees

Amazon Quiz Answer Today Of Nokia 8.1 Quiz Answers: 13th February

The Amazon Quiz Answers Today of Nokia 8.1 Quiz are added these are all Correct Answers Hurry Up.

  1. How many states and union territories does India comprise of?

Answer – 29 states, 7 Territories

  1. What type of Government does India operate under?

Answer – Parliamentary

  1. The deepest point on Earth lies 36,000 feet below sea level. Where can you find it?

Answer – Mariana Trench

  1. Which of these Avengers superheroes is NOT from Earth?

Answer – Thor

  1. ’Survival of the fittest’ is a phrase that we commonly use. It is derived from the theories of which famous scientist?

Answer – Charles Darwin

Amazon Quiz Answers Today Of Seagate 5TB Hard Drive Quiz Answers: 12th February

  1. What character does Priyanka Chopra’s to-be sister-in-law play in the popular series, Game of Thrones?
    Answer – Sansa Stark

  2. Before assuming her current title, Queen Elizabeth was a mechanic.
    Answer – True

  3. Which country was the first to have a democratically elected female Prime Minister?
    Answer – Sri Lanka

  4. The film, Manikarnika, starring Kangana Ranaut, chronicles the life of which female freedom fighter?
    Answer – Rani Laxmi Bai

  5. In which country did celebrity couples Virat-Anushka and Ranveer-Deepika tie the knot?
    Answer – Italy

Amazon Quiz Answers – 11th February

Q1. From what book is the quote,’ War is peace, Freedom is Slavery, Ignorance is strength’?

Answer: 1984

Q2. ‘Dunder Mifflin Paper Company’ is the setting for which famous TV series?

Answer: The Office

Q3. The first person in history to win two Nobel prizes was ______________.

Answer: Marie Curie

Q4. In the context of space, a ‘Light Year’ is ______.

Answer: A

Q5. Vader, Papi, Tatay, and Tevas are different terms for a _____.

Answer: Father

Amazon Quiz Answers Today’s » Amazon OnePlus 6T Quiz Answers – 10th February

1. Which planet in our solar system has the shortest day?

Answer – Jupiter

2. Serena Williams has won more Grand Slams than Roger Federer.

Answer – True

3. Which fruit is thrown during the annual food-fight festival in Bunol, Spain?

Answer – Tomato

4. Who is the youngest person to ever be awarded the Nobel prize?

Answer – Malala Yousufzai

5. In 1971, Alan Shepard played __ on the moon, making him the only person to ever play this sport anywhere other than Earth. Which sport was it?

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Answer – Golf

Amazon Quiz Answers Today » Amazon Saregama Carvaan Quiz Answers – 9th February

1. The cherubic baby, Cupid, is popularly associated with Valentine’s Day. What does he carry with him?

Answer – Bow and Arrow

2. In the phrase XOXO, what does the ‘O’ stand for?

Answer – Hug

3. Which Pakistani cricketer made his test debut in the same match as Sachin Tendulkar?

Answer – Waqar Younis

4. The longest wrestling match in Olympic history was played in the 1912 Summer Olympics.

Answer – 11 Hours 40 Minutes

5. Who is the Greek goddess of love?

Answer – Aphrodite

Amazon 8th February Quiz Answers: 8th February

1. Ablutophobia’ is the fear of?

Answer – Bathing

2 The Greeks referred to this state as ‘Pentapotamia’, an inland delta of five converging rivers. Name this Indian State

Answer – Punjab

3. Which of these is the Greek goddess of victory?

Answer – Nike

4. Jetsun Pema became the queen of which Asian kingdom following her marriage in 2011?

Answer – Bhutan

5. Which High Court recently ruled against negative marking in competitive examinations?

Answer – Madras High Court

Amazon Honor Band 4 Quiz Answers – 7th February

1. Wolverine, also known as ‘Gulo Gulo’ is the member of which animal family?

Answer – Weasel

2. The collective noun for a group of giraffes is a ‘___ of giraffes’. Fill in the blanks.

Answer – Tower

3. Churchill, Sherman and Panzer and the names of ______?

Answer – Military Tanks

4. Which ancient empire was ruled by Xerxes the Great in the fifth century BC?

Answer – The Persian Empire

5. Which nation was the first to give women the right to vote?

Answer – New Zealand



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